Mitev’s Furniture has had the opportunity to work on many incredible, massive and unique projects. Incorporating our sustainable live edge designs, reclaimed wood work and custom metal fabrication into architectural elements, large furniture items and custom installations. We work with some of the worlds largest architecture and interior design firms as well as directly with residential and business owners. 

This table is stunning! It is an art piece in my home. Everyone stops to admire it. Great workmanship. Marirose Piciucco, Florida USA

Seller is very easy to contact, we exchanged several messages so my table would be to my taste, package was very well protected and result is gorgeous! Thanks a lot to Rado! Sylvain Berfini, Paris France

A unique table made of one piece of wood, when I touch it I feel like I’m touching silk. This table brought an air of nature to my home. Perfect job! Martin Jones, London UK

This table is gorgeous. We were a bit concerned about the cost without actually seeing the finished product but we were so happy with it, we ordered a matching coffee table. We get compliments from our guests. They always want to know where we got it. Packaging was great and assembly was easy. Would definitely buy again. Kevin Zurbrick, Summerville USA

I love my new table, it looks beautiful and is a stunning sight when visitors come through the front door. Everyone gasps when they see it. My sister immediately contacted Rado and ordered the production of a worktop for her new kitchen in the same style as the table. Rado was great at working with me on the type of wood and color of epoxy. I originally couldn’t decide on what color epoxy to use, but had a lot of things I knew I didn’t want in the wood color. I decided on clear epoxy but was told that the support would be better if I used a color so we went with smoke. TaraWalter, North Las Vegas USA

I have nothing to say, the pictures speak for themselves. Amazing workmanship. Dereck Fehd, Brussel Belgium

Habia pedido presupuesto por todas partes para una mesa epoxi extensible, pero no me respondian. El unico tan amable de responder me y fabricar me la, era Rado. Muy rapido en su trabajo con un producto excelente. Jose Migel Ortega Perez, Madrid España

Amazing work! Nyjada Simmons, Oakville Canada

Beautiful and incredible to the touch. Nancy Hamilton, US

Благодаря, невероятен плот. Стефан Ковачев, София България

I don’t know what kind of wood my table is made of, but it has an amazing texture – a pattern. Josie Turnbaugh, London UK

Walnut burl slab and white epoxy, very nice countertop. Angela Montoya, Amsterdam The Netherlands

Fabrication unique, une table faite d’une seule pièce de chêne. Ophélie Le Berre, France Paris.

Pear burl slabs and black epoxy, very nice table. Mila Petrova, Sofia Bulgaria

This is exactly the table I imagined and wanted, the manufacturer asked me about every single detail and fulfilled it 100%. It’s incredible to the touch. Amparo Gonzales, Valencia Spain.

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