Mitev’s Furniture Design Studio

Mitev’s Furniture is a European-based sustainable design studio specializing in high quality, live edge furniture made from fallen trees and reclaimed wood.  

Our aim is to explore modern functional design, while retaining the naturally organic beauty of the materials we use. almost all the wood we use is from fallen trees. Everything is handmade by us.


The materials that are used, come from fallen trees from all over the world and with the occurance of new and unique projects, we search deeper in order to find the right shapes and types. After you define your preferences for a design and budget, we will send you a selection of unfinished wooden pieces, from which you can choose. The next step, after you choose the type of wood that you want, we would create a personalized base, defined by the style that you choose and by the contours of your wooden piece. We can provide you with drawing before we start the making.

Rado Mitev

Is a 3rd generation carpenter who follows the traditions of his ancestors. He also follows the design of the natural finish of the wood and the live edge. Daily monitors the quality of logs, stacking, drying, storage of Slabs. Each item is very carefully handcrafted by him and his family.

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